Information Is King: 4 Ways Comfy Makes You Royalty

Posted by The Comfy Team on Dec. 9, 2016

We've all been there. You're freezing cold at your desk, you send a message to your office manager or submit a ticket to your facilities team…and silence. Maybe they're away from their desk or fixing something else in the building. Maybe the thermostat is broken. Maybe you're the only one who's cold in the office. Should you call or email again? You don't want to seem whiny. Should you go out during lunch to buy a sweater? Is this the only part of the office that's freezing?  

It's no wonder office workers around the world resort to creative tactics to cope with the temperature, in turn, eroding individual and organizational productivity. What if you had the power to instantly tune your workplace to suit your comfort preferences? Here are four Comfy features that give you greater visibility into your space.

Immediate Response

It takes a lot of manpower to keep buildings well-maintained and office spaces comfortable. There's a good reason why it might take anywhere from an hour to days for your busy facilities manager to get back to you when you're uncomfortable.

Comfy let's you know that your request was received, a command has been sent to the HVAC system, and within seconds you will feel a difference. If for any reason your request can't trigger an immediate response, Comfy lets you (and your workplace team) know. Communication is a beautiful thing.

Comfy Heat Map

Offices are typically divided into mechanical zones, a distinct space that functions under the control of a specific thermostat. Most people have no idea what zone they're in, let alone what the actual temperature is in different zones across the entire building.

Comfy Heat Maps give you a quick glimpse of what the conditions are like in each zone. Are you freezing cold? You can decide whether you want to request a stream of warm air in your current zone, or whether you'd rather hang out in a warmer part of the office. Comfy Heat Maps helps you find the warmest conference room or heads-down space, so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to work.

Comfort Preferences

Comfy's Comfort Preferences are calculated by aggregating all of your personal requests and those of your co-workers, so can see how your preferences compare to others in your zone. Maybe it turns out that you like it warmer than everyone else in your zone. Everyone else enjoys it when the temperature is 70 - 74 degrees, but you're most comfortable when it's a balmy 74 - 77 degrees. Time to put on a sweater, or check out Comfy Heat Maps to find a warmer location.

Recent Zone Activity

Still want more info? We hear ya. Temperature preference is tricky because it's super-personal and constantly changing. By checking out Recent Zone Activity, you can see exactly who made a request in your zone and whether it was 5 minutes ago or 5 hours ago. No more wondering who's been fiddling with the thermostat.

We get it. It's distracting when you're uncomfortable in the office and it's frustrating when you have no idea if your cry for help has been heard. Comfy was designed to end these distractions and frustrations and better connect people with their spaces. It starts with letting you see what's going on, and then giving you the option to make a change.

Don't have Comfy in your office yet? Share our product sheet with your workplace services manager and tell them you want Comfy!

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