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Profile: Moh Palizi, Market Development Manager

Posted by Comfy N. Lovinit on March 24, 2017

Recently promoted from the sales team to focus on market development, Moh’s highly passionate about sharing Comfy’s products with the built environment. His new role focuses on developing partnerships with building owners, real estate services firms, controls companies, and property managers. After earning his MBA from UC Berkeley, he gained valuable experience implementing sustainability projects at GE Real Estate and JLL. Moh has also focused on the software side of sustainability with stints at Measurabl and Goby.


Tell me about the path that led you to Comfy.

I’ve been in the commercial real estate (CRE) world for a little over a decade now, which is pretty wild to think about! In grad school, I focused my MBA on real estate and originally thought I would go into the more traditional, investment side of the business. But as (good) luck would have it, I was offered a position with GE’s management rotational program where I was exposed to some of the really early sustainability initiatives in CRE. That’s where I really found my passion. It was, and still is, really exciting to see the intersection of real estate, sustainability, and new technology, and how it drives progress in all three industries.

I went on to manage GE’s Global Sustainability Group and developed a good, high-level understanding of how sustainability could be leveraged for growth and financial returns in CRE. With a desire to be a bit more hands-on with clients, I landed a role at JLL as the Sustainability Director for their Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) group. That brought me back to my home state of (sometimes sunny) California and allowed me to work directly with some large companies, helping them with various sustainability endeavors, such as obtaining LEED certification and developing strategy to meet their long-term energy reduction goals. That’s something I really enjoyed but after a few years back in the Bay Area, I’ll admit...I caught a bit of the tech bug.

I spent some time working with two great CRE tech companies, Measurabl and Goby, both focused on energy management for large REITs, before ultimately finding my way to Comfy. I’d heard a bit about the company from Lindsay, who I’d met on the sustainability conference circuit and it became clear pretty quickly there was something really unique here. A year or two later she sent an email to her network recruiting sales executives to join the Comfy team and I thought this would be a great fit.

"When you think about how far technology has come in our personal lives, cars, and homes—even within the past year—it's really exciting to think about how that will translate to commercial buildings."


What industry trends are you most excited about?

I’m a big gadget guy. At home we have everything from our lights, music, and (of course) thermostat connected to Wink and in my (100% electric) car. I can control almost anything by voice command, so I suppose you could say I’ve bought into the world of IoT. I actually read an interesting statistic the other day that 40% of the cost that goes into producing an automobile today is spent on electronics. But when it comes to commercial buildings, the relative expenditure on technology has been pennies in comparison...and it shows! Thankfully, we’re seeing that start to change.

When you think about how far technology has come in our personal lives, cars, and homes—even within the past year—it's really exciting to think about how that will translate to commercial buildings. I think going to work is going to be a completely different, much better experience in the near future.


What’s the most challenging part of your job?

One of the great things about Comfy is that we have that “first mover advantage.” We’re one of the first companies connecting building systems to the cloud, and really the only product that allows employees to interact with their building. With that said, this advantage definitely has its challenges. From an adoption perspective, it means we have to do more than just show people that Comfy is a valuable product, we’re actually working with them to change the mindset about how they approach their jobs. We spend a lot of time educating people about the opportunities and benefits of adopting new technology, as well as  being proactive about testing new products like ours in their buildings. In a way, we’re paving the road for a whole host of other CRE tech products to come into the space—which is exciting because there’s both room and appetite for these products and the solutions they provide.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I don’t think I’m the first to say this and I certainly won’t be the last, but the main thing I love about this job is the people.

One of the reasons I decided to join this team was the fact that both Lindsay and Erica, two individuals I really respected and trusted, were excited about the product, the company, and the culture they were building around it. Now, I don’t exactly have the easiest of commutes, and we all certainly put in a lot of long hours at the office. But there’s such an interesting, unique, and diverse group of people here that I can honestly say that it’s a joy to come to work. In my previous roles, I was surrounded by a lot of like-minded people, which can be great but also has its drawbacks in terms of personal growth. Working at Comfy, I learn something new everyday from my colleagues, whether it’s a conversation at our long (and growing) lunch table [yesterday’s discussion was on the acoustics of hot vs. cold water coming out the kitchen faucet] or chatter on Slack. I don’t like to work late at night, but sometimes I’ll hop on Slack before bed to read an article someone else shared because I know I’m going to learn something interesting...and I’ll probably get a good laugh as well!


What can you geek out on for hours?

Hmm, how do I say this without getting into trouble? Haha kidding, but I guess you could say I’m a bit of a gamer—but not the way the term is typically used today, certainly not in the way you see in Silicon Valley. I just really enjoy creating games out of other things that I like, whether that’s your traditional Fantasy Football league or you know, the latest season of The Bachelor.

My wife and I typically put a wager on who we think will win the final rose. Unfortunately for me, *spoiler alert*, my bet was on Raven this year, so now I owe my wife a “home cooked dinner with a menu of her choosing.”

Want to work with Moh? Well, we're hiring! Check out all open positions and apply here.

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