A to Z of Smart Buildings

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Posted by The Comfy Team on Aug. 23, 2016

We’re over halfway through A to Z of Smart Buildings! Test your know-how with a quiz covering everything you’ve learned about smart buildings from the first 16 letters of our industry alphabet. Select the appropriate answer(s) for each question. Correct responses will turn green (you nailed it!) and incorrect responses will turn red (looks like you need a refresher).

Okay, let’s play!

1. Air Conditioning: What is ASHRAE Standard 55?

2. BACNet: What is BACNet used for?

3. Comfort Zone: Which of the following is NOT one of the six key factors of ASHRAE’s Graphic Comfort Zone?

4. Data: At the end of 2016 it is projected that there will be 1.6 billion “things” connected to the cloud in smart cities (IoT). What % of the total number of IoT devices will Smart Commercial Buildings represent?

5. Efficiency: What is the estimated amount of energy wasted in commercial buildings?

6. Financials: Which of the following is true about the financials of buildings?

7. Generations: Which of the below is NOT the correct description for the given workplace design trend?

8. Hot Desking: Which of the following is true about hotdesking?

9. Information Security: Which of the following is NOT considered a best practice for buildings to deploy to minimize security risk.

10. Jobs: Who typically cares about occupant satisfaction?

11. KPIs: Which of the following is NOT one of the 5 factors incorporated into LEED certification rating systems?

12. Lighting: Which of the following are TRUE about lighting in commercial buildings? (Select all that apply)

13. Machine Learning: Which of the following are TRUE about Machine Learning? (Select all that apply)

14. Net Zero Buildings: Which of these high-performance building certifications does NOT require Net Zero energy use?

15. Occupants: The ability for individual workers to control the temperature at their workstation has been shown to improve individual productivity gains by up to __%?

16. Productivity: According to Gensler's 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey, high performing employees tend to _____.


How’d you do? Need some refreshing? Download our e-book A to Z of Smart Buildings: Part 1 and look out for the full version coming this Fall.

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