Real People Solving Real Comfort Issues

Posted by The Comfy Team on Dec. 6, 2016

Here at Comfy, we take customer support very seriously. Our company's mission is to improve the experience people have with their buildings, and this people-first approach translates into every aspect of our work. Our in-house customer support team is a group of knowledgeable building experts whose first priority is to make the Comfy experience magical. Read on for a real-life page out of our customer support training manual, courtesy of our Sr. Customer Success Manager, Katie.

1. Good customer support is such a surprise!

Can you remember the last time you were delighted by customer service? Don't you usually expect the person on the other end of the line to be an unpaid, bored intern? (That's assuming you even get a response from an actual human being!) There's a reason people love Zappos! It's cool to get a truly helpful email from a real person. (For the record, Comfy will never deliver shoes, but we do deliver happiness.)

If we proactively offer cheerfulness, personality, and true empathy to our customers, they are more likely to be happy with us and write nice, lovely responses, which in turn will make the support team feel loved and appreciated and make it easier for them to provide sunshine-y support. It really can be a positive ongoing circle, but it all has to start with us, the Comfy support team.

2. Look for the root of the problem.

What is the real question they're asking about? If a user tells us "Comfy isn’t learning" or "your thermostat is wrong," what's actually going on? The first step to finding out is to check the Comfy request history, or look at the analytics on the building. Chances are that the discomfort an occupant is experiencing is the sign of a larger issue. We can help the customer’s facilities team uncover the real problem and be a tool for fault detection. Isn’t that awesome?

3. Perception is reality. But humans are usually reasonable beings, if they just know what's going on.

We geek out about building science and HVAC equipment, so you don't have to.

Through Comfy, we tell people they can have a comfortable temperature any time they want. The flip side of this is, if their HVAC system can't reach a certain temperature for some reason, they'll often (unfairly) attribute it to Comfy. Like, “Hey, it's Monday July 6th, wasn't that an awesomely hot weekend for barbecues and fireworks? Wait, OH MY GOD, IT'S SO HOT, COMFY STOPPED WORKING.”

We don't have a magic way to change the laws of thermodynamics or make a building cool off faster. But, we can drop some knowledge on building occupants that will  help them understand what's going on. Often, just being informed is enough to get occupants to calm down and, like, order a round of popsicles while they wait for the chill to arrive.

4. Be patient, because being too hot or too cold really sucks for humans.

Think about the last time you were climbing a mountain in 90 degree heat or had to take a cold shower. Wasn't it massively, massively unfun? Like maybe you started freaking out and thought you were going to die? Well if we remember what it’s like to feel that way—miserable—then it’s easy to anchor back on compassion.

5. Some people will simply never be happy with the temperature no matter what we do. But, those people also deserve excellent service.

NGBHNMWWD = Never Gonna Be Happy No Matter What We Do. My mom and I wear down jackets on 78 degree days. So if my office is 74 all day, I'm probably freezing and emailing you about it...even if everyone else in my area is warm.

NGBHNMWWDs can be frustrating, time-consuming, and persistent. But if we engage with NGBHNMWWDs and truly care about their issues, we can probably turn a "This sucks! Comfy is broken!!!!!!!!" into a "Wow, they didn't directly solve my problem, but they were so informative and nice! The Comfy team rules! SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS!"


There you have it! This is the mantra our customer support team repeats as they work to ensure that you have the best possible workplace experience.

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