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Personal temperature control with Comfy

An app to help your employees personalise their temperature—wherever they are, whenever they want.

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What is Comfy?

Your building owner, Charter Hall, has recently partnered with Comfy to offer personalised temperature control to all building occupants. Comfy's easy-to-use app allows your employees to immediately warm or cool their space from wherever they are in the office.

Here’s how it works:

1. Comfy integrates with existing building and workplace systems.

2. Employees use the desktop or mobile app to adjust their temperature from wherever they are in the office.

3. Over time, Comfy learns from employees' requests and adjusts to better meet their individual preferences.

"Comfy is one example of how we are using technology to improve the customer experience in the workplace."

— Craig Rodgers, Office Innovation Lead, Charter Hall

Getting started

How do employees sign up?

Employees can either download the app using Google Play or the App Store, or navigate directly to Simply enter your work email address to get started.

Where can employees learn more about the app?

If they have questions on how to use the app or want to hear what other Comfy users have to say, send them to and we'll run them through the basics.

What happens when users make conflicting requests?

People agree on temperature roughly 95% of the time. For the other 5%, Comfy will find a happy medium between them. During the rare instances when people make competing requests at the same time, Comfy will notify the user that there is conflict, and will pause all requests for a few minutes.

Comfy also prevents conflict by providing greater transparency into the preferences of a user's neighbours. The app shows all recent zone activity, which allows users to make choices about how—and where—to be the most comfortable.

Want to geek out further on how it all works? Read this blog post.

"I like it! I used it! I'm Comfy!"
– Joe, No. 1 Martin Place

"When I heard we were getting this, I was like ‘stop, I need this!"
–Karen, No. 1 Martin Place

What we need from you

Charter Hall is launching Comfy in a number of new buildings this year. To ensure all Charter Hall
building occupants have access to Comfy, we need your help!

1.  Check in with IT.

When: ASAP

Ping your friendly IT administrator to confirm '' as a legitimate email domain so that our emails come through. (Don't worry, we've already written the note for you.)

Download email for IT

2. Promote Comfy!

When: 2 weeks before launch

Introduce Comfy to your company with these ready-to-send emails ahead of launch (schedule below). And expect more fun promotional materials from Comfy & Charter Hall to help you spread the word!

Download promo emails

3. Onboard new hires with Comfy.

When: Ongoing

Include this Comfy brochure in your company's onboarding packets for new employees, so that using Comfy becomes a habit from day one.

Download Comfy flyer

Comfy launch schedule


No.1 Martin Place, Sydney
2 Market Street, Sydney
65 Berry Street, North Sydney
175 Eagle Street, Brisbane
10 Shelley St, Sydney

Launching 2020

300 LaTrobe St, Argus Center, Melbourne
570 Bourke St, Melbourne
300 Murray St, Perth
GPO Exchange, 10 Franklin St, Adelaide
130 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
167 Macquarie St, Sydney


Don't hesitate to reach out to the Comfy team with any questions or concerns! We're here to help.

General Inquiries: Claudia Luck, Customer Success Manager,

Customer Support: