Workplace comfort in your hands

Workplace comfort in your hands

Comfy is the app that gives everyone a real choice in their personal comfort. Request and instantly receive warm or cool air when and where you need it.


Connect us with the main decision-maker.

Enter the name and email of your workplace manager (office operations, workplace services, or whoever manages general office tools). We'll personally reach out and give them a sense of why Comfy would be a total value add—happier employees, operational savings, access to valuable workplace data, all that good stuff.

Thanks! We'll get in touch with them ASAP.

Or, take the analog route.

Strike up a conversation about Comfy with big wigs, push the importance of workplace comfort and satisfaction at your next all-company meeting, or take a tally of uncomfortable coworkers to prove a need. Arm yourself with this info sheet and hit the ground running.

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