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Charter Hall uses Comfy to provide a great workplace experience to employees and office tenants—while saving energy.

Charter Hall is a leading Australian property investment and funds management group that owns and manages over 300 office, retail, and industrial properties to make up the country’s largest managed portfolio at more than AUD$20 billion. Located in downtown Sydney, Charter Hall’s headquarters embraces an activity-based working (ABW) design that provides greater choice in how, when, and where people work. After deploying Comfy in its headquarters, the Charter Hall team plans to roll it out as an amenity to the rest of their portfolio, as a way to attract and retain high-quality tenants.

Image: "The Yard" at Charter Hall, No.1 Martin Place, Sydney

"Comfy is a key partner for Charter Hall as we strive to provide a personalized comfort experience to our tenants."

- Craig Rodgers, Office Innovation Lead

The Opportunity

Charter Hall is focused on providing a first-class workplace experience to all of their tenant customers. For their office spaces, that means finding ways to make the workplace as positive, productive, and valuable as possible while also optimizing building performance and operations. Charter Hall has taken a progressive approach to innovative workplace design and building technology, continuously testing new and different ways to address the evolving needs of their own employees and tenant customers.

“As an asset manager with a clear focus on delivering great experiences in our spaces, one of the key issues that we have been trying to solve is how we provide a superior occupant experience," says Geoff Sloan, Charter Hall’s Head of Office Asset Management. "Comfy helps us achieve part of this by literally putting the comfort of our people into the palm of their hands," he added.

The Solution

Charter Hall deployed Comfy in 2017 to provide personalized temperature control to their employees and to gain a better understanding of how they were experiencing the workspace. “Comfy is the first product I’ve seen that really taps into the individual users of the space and opens up a two-way communication to better understand what people are feeling and address their individual needs,” says Craig Rodgers, Charter Hall's Office Innovation Lead. As a company focused on precedent-setting sustainability goals (Charter Hall Group was recognized as the Leading Energy User by the Energy Efficiency Council in 2015), they were also interested in the energy savings that could be realized as a result of implementing Comfy.

Each time a user makes a request to “Warm My Space” or “Cool My Space” through the app, data is funneled into Comfy’s machine learning algorithm. Over time, the system automatically adjusts based on the learned preferences of Charter Hall employees, further optimizing the building and improving energy efficiency. While employees enjoy on-demand comfort, Craig and his team turn to Comfy Insights, Comfy’s data analytics platform, to get a comprehensive view of how people are using and enjoying the app, as well as how the building is performing.

The Benefits

Since deploying Comfy, Charter Hall has received positive feedback from employees about the innovative app and their satisfaction with the temperature throughout the office, with some emphatically stating, “This is great! I'm sold,” and over 58% reporting that their productivity has improved.

While Comfy helps keep employees happy, comfortable, and productive, the workplace team uses data available in Comfy Insights to optimize building performance in ways that are in tune with how people are using—and enjoying—the space. “If you want to provide users a personalized experience and gain deeper insights into how your employees or occupants are experiencing their workspace, Comfy gives you that first hand,” Craig explains. In addition to these benefits, Charter Hall has realized an impressive 12.8% reduction in HVAC energy since deploying Comfy.


Energy Reduction

Charter Hall has saved an estimated 12.8% in HVAC energy since deploying Comfy.

"This data gives us a much better idea of how people are enjoying and interacting with the space."

- Craig Rodgers, Innovation Lead


More Productivity

Over 58% of users at Charter Hall report that they feel more productive with Comfy.

Looking Ahead

In the coming months, Craig will be exploring opportunities to further deploy Comfy across the rest of Charter Hall’s office portfolio throughout Australia. He and his team expect Comfy and services like this to become an integral part of the personalized tenant customer experience.

Image: "The Yard" at Charter Hall, No.1 Martin Place, Sydney

"Comfy is a game changer to the way we manage one aspect of the occupant experience in our buildings."

- Geoff Sloan, Head of Office Asset Management