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Leading global software company raises the bar on workplace experience with help from Comfy.

As one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies in the U.S., this customer relationship management (CRM) software company has made investing in its employees and company culture one of its primary missions, helping it get placed consistently on annual Top 10 “best places to work” lists. With an initial deployment at its San Francisco headquarters, Comfy has since been rolled out to nearly a million square feet across their global portfolio.

"Comfy is truly awesome. It’s a huge timesaver for building engineers, and also dramatically improves the employee experience."

- Ben P., Manager of Workplace Services

The Opportunity

The software company has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, in terms of customers, revenue (which increased by 26% in 2016 alone), and subsequently, employees. As a result, the company’s corporate real estate team has been tasked with finding new buildings to accommodate their rapidly growing tech workforce.

Meanwhile, the workplace services team has invested in a variety of amenities to optimize the workplace experience as a way to attract and retain employees in the face of fierce competition for talent (particularly at their San Francisco headquarters). Between Japanese-inspired interior design to foster community, mindfulness zones to promote “zen,” and now on-demand comfort control through Comfy, they continue to raise the bar for what it means to provide optimal working conditions for employees.

The Solution

Comfy was initially deployed at the company’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, providing personal comfort control to over 3,000 employees. Whether they’re working at a treadmill desk, collaborating in a conference room, or “chilling out” in the mindfulness zone, employees can use the Comfy app to control their thermal comfort in that space. Over time, Comfy automatically makes small adjustments to the building system based on learned employees preferences. In addition, while employees enjoy on-demand comfort, the workplace services team refers to Comfy Insights, Comfy's data analytics platform, for a comprehensive view of how people are using the office and how the building is performing.

The Benefits

Incorporating Comfy into their existing workplace tools and amenities has had a significant positive impact on the company’s employee experience; over 71% of employees in these offices have reported being more productive since using Comfy. According to one of the company’s Senior Directors of Workplace Services, “When we move into new spaces, the first question we get is, ‘will there be a barista?’ The second question is always, without fail, ‘will we have Comfy?’"

In addition to employees enjoying a more comfortable office, the workplace team has noticed significant operational improvements as a result of implementing Comfy. Hot/cold calls have been reduced by an average of 94% across all buildings, while saving a significant amount of energy on HVAC (between 10% and 25% per building). Additionally, Comfy Insights enables the team to track these savings and visualize broader building performance in real-time to help inform strategic decisions.


More Productivity

A majority of users reported that they feel more productive with Comfy.


Mechanical Faults Identified and Escalated per Month


Reduction in Hot/Cold Tickets

Hot and cold calls to on-site facilities teams were virtually eliminated.

Looking Ahead

Seeing (and feeling) the impact of Comfy on their employees, the workplace services team aims to put Comfy in the hands of thousands more employees across its global portfolio over the course of the next year, with the goal of keeping employees happy and productive through the company's next stage of growth...and beyond."

"When we move into new space, the first question we get is, ‘will there be a barista?’ The second question is always, without fail, ‘will we have Comfy?’"

- Evan M., Senior Director of Workplace Services