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Johnson Controls partners with Comfy to save energy on HVAC, reduce inbound facilities calls, and increase workplace productivity.

As a controls vendor, Johnson Controls prioritizes being on the leading edge of building technology and innovation—which means continually testing the newest, latest, and greatest products on the market. Technology Manager Brian Pfeifer and his team first deployed Comfy at their Milwaukee, WI headquarters in 2013 to help “maintain a balance between managing resources and ensuring people are satisfied and productive in their work environment.” 

"With Comfy, we have seen significant operational savings at Johnson Controls, including a 12% reduction in HVAC energy spend."

— Brian Pfeifer, ‎Technology Manager

The Solution

With the Comfy mobile app, Johnson Controls employees are able to adjust the temperature and lighting environment at their desk, in conference rooms, and in other work spaces throughout the office, based on their personal preferences. Meanwhile, Brian and his team have access to real-time data available in Comfy’s analytics console to better understand how employees are interacting with their physical workplace and to see how their building is performing.

Image: Johnson Controls Inc., West Allis, Wisconsin, United States

The Benefits

In the five years since first deploying Comfy, employees at Johnson Controls have made an average of 2,000 Comfy temperature and lighting requests per week, reducing the number of hot/cold and lighting calls for the internal facilities team. Comfy's customer support team has also detected various underlying building issues—including broken VAVs—escalating an average three zones per week while saving an average 12% in HVAC energy costs. In addition, 63% of Johnson Controls employees who use Comfy report being more productive as a result of having the ability to personalize their environment.


more productivity

A majority of JCI employees reported that they feel more productive with Comfy.


HVAC energy reduction

Johnson Controls has saved an estimated 12% in HVAC energy since deploying Comfy.


zones per week

The Comfy customer support team identifies and escalates building issues in approximately 3 zones per week.

Looking Ahead

Johnson Controls’ Enterprise Property Group is now working to implement Comfy at other Johnson Controls corporate buildings as well as utilize new functionality recently added to the app’s suite of features. 

Image: Johnson Controls Inc., Glendale, Wisconsin, United States