Optimizing the workplace experience

Optimizing the workplace experience

By analyzing real-time personal preferences and building data, Comfy Insights helps workplace professionals understand and improve the way employees interact with their office.


Intuitive design meets sophisticated building technology.


Real Time, Real Data

Walking around with a clipboard and occasional workplace surveys provide an incomplete, static view of the office. With Comfy Insights, you can leverage real-time data directly from Comfy users to understand what your employees truly want from their workspaces.


Enjoy More Aha! Moments

How much of your day is spent troubleshooting? See your building's performance on a zone-by-zone basis, detect faults before they occur, and prioritize occupant needs.


Measure Experience, Not Just Space

Real estate costs are rising. By better understanding how employees interact with different parts of their office, you can optimize your space and deliver the best workplace experience.


Harness the Power of Data

C-suite executives want analytics. Comfy Insights makes it easy for you to harness the power of people and building data, so you can make informed decisions, build and backup your business cases, and be a workplace hero.

Data is easy, insights are hard

Comfy Insights combines people data and building data to deliver the insights you need to create the best workplace experience.

The App

Empower Your Employees

Comfy Insights is powered by data from Comfy, our occupant-facing app. Comfy empowers people to control their workplaces to suit their personal needs and preferences.

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