Welcome to Comfy Lighting!

1. In many places in your building Comfy now has control of lights after hours!


To change your location, select anywhere on the map, and you will be automatically logged in to both the Air and Light controls for that location (where availble).

Light zones and Air zones are not always the same, along with whom you share them.


2. Extend the operating hours of your lights anytime. Adjust the light level after hours.


During regular building operating hours, your light is preset by your building and can't be adjusted, but if you know you will be staying late, go ahead and add time to the timer up to 2 additional hours.

Once regular operating hours are over, you can turn lights on/off and add additional time as you need it. In some zones you can adjust the light level too!

3. Be mindful of your neighbors, different people like different amounts of light in their workspace.



Talk to the colleagues in your zone before you make a request.

And remember, in many zones, the lights will very briefly flicker when you change from one light level to another.