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New Workplace Reality
Readiness Assessment

Have you considered the factors required for a new workplace reality plan?
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2021 Priority

What’s covered?

Time required: 5 minutes

  • Employee sentiment
  • Employee communications
  • Workplace models
  • Assembling a change management team
  • Back to office logistics
  • Portfolio management

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The New Era
of Data and

Do you have the workspace utilization data needed to make workplace and real estate portfolio decisions? Read our eBook to find out.


Case Study

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Intel Optimizes Hybrid Workspaces and Improves Employee Experience

How did Intel get tangible business results by implementing technology for a hybrid working model and giving employees more personal control over their workplace environment?

Workplace Solutions
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Implement hybrid working models while garnering space utilization data needed to right size your real estate portfolio.


A customizable solution to managing workplace re-entry with demonstrated success.

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