Building Robotics rakes in $5.5 mln Series A

Feb. 14, 2014

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - (Oct. 2, 2014) - Building Robotics, the leader in cloud-based software for comfortable commercial buildings, today announced a $5.5 M Series A financing round led by Claremont Creek Ventures (CCV) and The Westly Group. The company’s flagship product, Comfy, was designed to answer the impact of thermal comfort on increased productivity and workplace satisfaction. By putting a simply designed temperature control directly in the hands of occupants, Comfy is bringing productivity, health and happiness to office cubes and conference rooms.

“We are investing in companies that are integrating intelligent, comprehensive product design with innovative technology to drive productive experiences. Comfy does exactly that,” said Nat Goldhaber, Managing Director of Claremont Creek Ventures.

Tailoring the temperature at work, through Comfy’s intuitive design.

Comfy was designed to empower building managers and occupants alike, enabling people to adjust the temperature in their personal office space via the Comfy app or web platform. Comfy finds occupants’ thermal sweet spots and can dynamically adjust to make everyone happier by incorporating usage patterns into its machine learning algorithm. The software architecture is built on an open-source platform that seamlessly connects to existing heating and cooling systems while providing a convenient user experience.

“Giving employees the ability to create a comfortable work environment while generating substantial energy savings places Building Robotics at the forefront of the next generation of software development for the built environment,” said Gary Dillabough, Managing Partner at The Westly Group. “We feel fortunate to be involved with an exceptional team and look forward to participating in their next stage of growth.”

Scalable design and energy savings for commercial buildings.

With the success of companies like Google’s Nest Labs, energy-saving software that gives people control of their environment is becoming pervasive in the home market and Building Robotics is leading the way for the “Internet of Things” at the office. Comfy has gained a lot of early traction with industry leaders, including a few notable pilots with: Google, building controls leader- Johnson Controls, and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the nation’s largest landlord, which currently manages 300 million square feet of office space for the federal government. Showing an initial 22% energy reduction in some pilots, Building Robotics is looking forward to empowering people to work comfortably, while saving kilowatts.

“Over the past several years we’ve seen incredible innovation in what had become a fairly staid industry. Now, with Comfy we’re bringing the Internet of Things to where people work. By leading with the perspective of the end-user, we have measurable impact on productivity, health and happiness,” said Building Robotics CEO Andrew Krioukov.

About Building Robotics

Building Robotics is on a mission to harmonize energy use and comfort in commercial buildings with software that everyone in a building will love. Pioneering a unique approach to optimize building controls through elegant software and machine learning, the company develops intuitive occupant-facing controls that sit on top of existing HVAC and management systems in commercial buildings. The firm’s flagship product, Comfy enhances comfort and productivity while simultaneously achieving energy savings. For more information about Building Robotics and Comfy, visit and follow us on Twitter @bldgrobotics.

About Claremont Creek Ventures

Claremont Creek Ventures (CCV) is a seed and early stage venture firm that invests in companies that serve essential, broad-impact industries – including healthcare and energy – with digital solutions that increase operational efficiency to create high-growth, high-margin businesses. The firm partners with entrepreneurs and institutions, including UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Stanford University and UC Davis. CCV has more than $300 million under management in two funds and is located in Oakland, California. For more information visit

About The Westly Group

The Westly Group is dedicated to building companies that will solve the world’s most pressing problems. From next generation electric vehicles to healthy school meals, we invest in exceptional teams scaling transformative technologies and business models. We believe in the power of the passionate entrepreneur—whether sitting in a modern office tower or a Silicon Valley garage—to change the world.

For our entrepreneurs and partners, we are patient investors and experienced operating executives who are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help get things done. We bring our extensive industry and government networks to accelerate sales and strategic partnerships. We work as an extension of our companies while giving our entrepreneurs the flexibility to pursue their dreams.

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