Designed to help workplace teams and enterprise executives deliver a single workplace solution and app interface to their modern workforce.


 One employee-facing tool for on-demand, real-time workplace control & personalization

 Consistent, branded employee experience across a global portfolio

Better access to corporate services & amenities









Designed for real estate teams looking to optimize the overall use of workspaces and amenities—while boosting overall employee engagement and productivity.


 An intuitive tool to help employees find, book, and use the workspaces and resources they need

 Up to 30% increase in space utilization

 Support change management and ease employee perception of workspace change

 Better visibility into how employees utilize and interact with different workspaces

 More actionable insights from existing occupancy tech






Designed for facilities teams looking to increase portfolio-wide building efficiency and better resolve operational issues—without sacrificing employee comfort.


One simple tool to provide employees with on-demand, real-time comfort and control 

Reduced hot/cold calls and saved time for facilities teams

Up to 20% reduction in HVAC energy use

Increased visibility into and faster resolution of workplace and building issues

Satisfy LEED and WELL certification credits