Delivering control, customization, and choice

Delivering control, customization, and choice

By connecting employees directly to existing building systems, Comfy allows anyone to create the environment they need to do their best work.


Intuitive design meets sophisticated building technology.


Create the Optimal Environment

Comfy delivers on-demand comfort exactly where and when you need it. It's no wonder 83% of users said Comfy improved their workplace satisfaction.


Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me?

See who made an adjustment in your zone and whether it was 5 minutes ago or 5 hours ago. No more wondering who's been fiddling with the thermostat.


Localized Control

Whether you're at a desk or in a meeting, you deserve to be comfortable wherever you are. You can use Comfy in conference rooms, open office layouts, and private offices. We'll hook you up!


A Workplace that Anticipates Your Needs

Our patented machine learning algorithms use over 100 data points from each request to calculate trends and automatically adjust temperature settings.


Comfort is Personal

Comfort preferences are calculated by aggregating your personal requests and those of your co-workers. See how your personal preferences compare to others.

Comfy Insights

Optimize the Dynamic Workplace

Responsible for managing a workplace? Uncover how people engage with the office in real-time. Comfy Insights delivers actionable analytics straight from the source—the people.

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