This is so amazing. I used to have five sweaters at work just to stay warm.

Kyle, IT Lead

I made a request and could feel it working right away. You can actually hear it!

Sarah, Office Manager

Workplace comfort, in your hands

On-demand control

Make a request and immediately receive warm or cool air right to your location.

Comfort on-the-go

Use it at your desk, in conference rooms, in common areas—to make every space Comfy.

An auto-tuned workspace

The more requests you make, the more Comfy learns about what you like.

Your questions, answered

How does Comfy actually work?

Comfy plugs into your office’s heating and cooling systems. When you make a request, the app sends immediate streams of warm or cool air directly to your location. As a bonus, Comfy uses machine learning to automatically tune the office to your preferences. The more requests you make, the more Comfy learns about you and the more comfortable you are.

What happens when my coworker and I disagree on the temperature?

Comfy was designed to solve this very problem. We do that in two ways. First, the app delivers an instant stream of warm or cool air directly to your current location. Second, the app allows you to see what your coworkers are requesting and strike up a conversation.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions about getting started or you just want to nerd out, check out this handy dandy help desk from our Customer Support team.