We used to do laps around the office to find a room. Now we can see what’s available and grab it.

Kyle, IT Lead

I made a request and could feel it working right away. You can actually hear it!

Sarah, Office Manager

Comfy in your office

Every company uses a slightly different version of Comfy to create an amazing workplace experience. Below are some of the features that may be available in your office.


Locate the nearest café, gym, mother’s room, and more—on any floor in any building.

Work Requests

Submit work requests or flag issues to workplace teams, when and where they arise.


Find and book meeting rooms on-the-go and auto-cancel ones that are "booked" but unused.


Find and book desks quickly based on availability, nearby amenities, and preferences.


Warm or cool workspaces on-demand, and have preferences automatically applied over time.


Change light levels in open spaces or meeting rooms, and adjust the schedule when working late.