It all starts with our customers

For years, Comfy has empowered employees to interact with the workplace in a whole new way—becoming indispensable to leading enterprises and thousands of employees around the world.

Hear their stories

When we move into a new space, the first question we get is, ‘Will there be a barista?’ The second question is always, without fail, ‘Will we have Comfy?’

Eric, Workplace Executive

It's great. It's smarter than most people I know. I love it.

Julie, Happy Employee

It’s saving us energy, saving us hot and cold calls, making the employees happier. It’s really been a no-brainer for us.

Dan, Senior Director of Global Real Estate

We've got people talking

“Comfy has quickly differentiated itself as an end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of the workplace environment.”

Named a 2017 Cool Vendor in the Digital Workplace—for innovation at the juncture of digital/physical space, UX design, and AI.

“Comfy has added [a] dose of instant gratification” to the workplace, and that’s pretty cool.

“Fighting over temperature, possibly the most divisive issue in workplaces across America, might finally be behind us.”

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