The people-centered workplace is here

The people-centered workplace is here

By giving everyone a choice in their personal comfort, Comfy delivers immediate happiness
and powerful analytics to better inform your workplace decisions.

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Who Benefits?

Comfy delivers productivity and savings for everyone.

60% of occupants report being more productive while using Comfy

the comfy experience

Intuitive design meets sophisticated building technology.

 Feel instant relief

No more filing tickets or sending frustrated emails. Receive a quick stream of warm or cool air with a click of a button.

 Find the ideal workspace

Quickly find the exact location you need for specific activities, like warm quiet time or cool group collaboration. It's all about making the most of every corner of the office.

 Autotune your office

Personal comfort is tricky and always changing. Comfy uses machine learning to constantly crunch the data to learn what people want.

 Count on top notch support

Our team of in-house experts are watching the data to let you know if something might be amiss in the building. Plus, you can always email us through Comfy Concierge.

How it Works


Comfy connects to the building's existing system quickly and easily.


Occupants use the app to select a location and make a request to instantly warm or cool the space.


Based on occupant preferences, machine learning optimizes the workplace for comfort, productivity, and savings.

Product Sheet

Easy monthly subscription service based on square footage
No extra equipment, no upfront fees, cancel anytime

We work with organizations, across industries and around the world, that believe personalized control is essential to improved workplace productivity and comfort.

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