Elevate the workplace experience

Elevate the workplace experience

Our app, console, and service provide the control and choice employees expect and the results workplace teams need.


Available Rooms

Find, view, and book available meeting rooms or open desks.


Points of Interest

Connect with coworkers and locate the nearest cafe, elevator, or other go-to amenity.



Make requests to immediately warm or cool your space and have your preferences automatically applied over time.



Change the light level in your space or meeting room, and adjust the schedule if you're working late.



Submit a work request, rate a space, or lean on Comfy Support with questions or to report issues with your building.


Employee Engagement

Track app adoption and ongoing engagement to deliver an amazing workplace experience and increase workplace satisfaction.


Building Performance

Monitor zone temperature setpoints, energy savings, and building faults to save time, money, and energy.


Conference Room Usage

View rooms booked and occupied over time to reduce unattended meetings and improve space utilization.


Real-Time Data

Access data—from people and systems—about how employees interact with the workplace to improve long-term decision-making.

1. Comfy integrates with existing building and workplace systems.

2. Employees use the app to interact with their workplace and communicate with workplace teams.

3. We leverage data from the app, building, and systems to deliver great workplace experiences and improve business outcomes.


Learn more about how we utilize industry-leading security protocols

Technical Compatibility

See how we seamlessly integrate with existing systems


Understand the initial steps of a Comfy deployment

Improved Workplace Experience

With over 70% adoption, it’s no wonder that 83% of Comfy users are more satisfied with their workplace.

Increased Operational Savings

We save teams time and money by identifying ~10 faults per month, and reducing hot/cold calls by >90% and HVAC energy by 20%.

Optimized Space Utilization

“I'm going to start working in this building and schedule all of our meetings over here because we have Comfy.”

— Molly, Happy Employee

Improved Strategic Planning

“If you want to provide employees a personalized experience and gain deeper insights into how they use their workspace, Comfy gives you that first hand.”

— Craig Rodgers, Office Innovation Lead