Warm or cool a space on-demand, and have preferences automatically applied over time.


Change the light level in an open space or a meeting room, and adjust the schedule when working late.

Room Booking

Find and book meeting rooms on-the-go, with automatic syncing to calendars and meeting room systems.


Submit a work order request, complete a survey, or lean on Comfy Support to resolve an issue.

Employee Engagement

Track app adoption, usage, and preferences to better understand employee engagement.

Employee Feedback

Receive real-time, actionable feedback about employees' workplace experience to better meet their needs.

Building Performance

Monitor zone temperature setpoints, energy savings, and building faults to save time, money, and energy.

Meeting Rooms

View rooms booked and occupied over time to reduce unattended meetings and improve space utilization.

Improved Workplace Experience

Over 83% of Comfy users report being more satisfied with their workplace.

Increased Operational Savings

Comfy saves teams time and money by reducing hot/cold calls by >90% and HVAC energy by 20%, and identifying ~10 faults per month.

Optimized Space Utilization

Unused rooms that were hard to find are now bookable through Comfy, increasing overall space utilization.

Building System Expertise

In the crowded world of building tech, Comfy is the one solution that connects to all building systems and virtual workplaces, backed by our building engineering and cross-system expertise.

Consumer-like Design

The bar for app technology is high and keeps rising. We proudly build workplace apps that stick—thanks to our intuitive and consumer-like design, Comfy adoption is 50% higher than industry average.

Superior Customer Support

Comfy’s deep bench of implementation engineers, customer success managers, and support specialists are on call to field anything from the most technical issue to simple user inquiries.

Works with Comfy

Our partner ecosystem helps workplace teams get more out of their existing systems, to create better experiences for employees and to drive better building performance.

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Trust Center

Our team of experts provide technical implementation and BMS integration support, and utilize industry-leading security protocols.

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