Agile Workplace Solution

Designed for real estate teams looking to optimize the overall use of workspaces and amenities—while boosting overall employee engagement and productivity.


 An intuitive tool to help employees find, book, and use the workspaces and resources they need

 Up to 30% increase in space utilization

 Support change management and ease employee perception of workspace change

 Better visibility into how employees utilize and interact with different workspaces

 More actionable insights from existing occupancy tech




Full Experience Solution

Our most comprehensive solution, designed to help workplace teams and enterprise executives deliver an elite benefit to your modern workforce—while increasing building efficiency and space utilization.


 One simple tool for real-time workplace control and personalization for employees

 Better visibility into employee-workplace interactions and issues

Valuable time saved for workplace teams

 Up to 30% increase in space utilization

 Up to 20% reduction in HVAC energy use

 More actionable insights from existing workplace tech




Smart Building Solution

Designed for facilities teams looking to increase portfolio-wide building efficiency and better resolve operational issues—without sacrificing employee comfort.


 On-demand, real-time comfort and control for employees

 Reduced hot/cold calls and saved time for facilities teams

 Up to 20% reduction in HVAC energy use

 Increased visibility into and faster resolution of workplace and building issues





Considering a purchase? A few tips:

Know your use case

With so much new tech out there, be sure you’re aligning features and functionality to your actual needs.

Service matters

Not every vendor is created equal: probe your potential partners on their expertise, customer service, and track record.

Future-proof your investments

Workplace tech changes fast. Don’t underestimate the long-term value of a SaaS solution that layers easily onto whatever tech you have today and tomorrow.