What is Comfy?

Comfy is the only occupant-facing, smart building software app that delivers on-demand, personalized comfort and productivity in the workplace. Comfy turns every employee's smartphone into a 'remote control for the office,’ by plugging into existing building systems and using machine learning to automatically tune the building based on personal patterns and preferences. Comfy eliminates hot/cold calls, improves worker productivity, and saves energy on the side.

But how??

Nearly 90% of large office buildings in the U.S. have a computer-based system that controls the temperature in all of the different parts of the building. Comfy plugs into this system, allowing individuals to interact with it directly.

When you click 'Warm My Space' or 'Cool My Space,' Comfy sends a message to your nearest Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal unit to deliver warm or cool air for ten minutes.

How does Comfy learn?

When you click 'Warm my Space' or 'Cool My Space', Comfy logs your preference, as well as the time, day, and location. Over time, Comfy sees patterns, and uses them to keep the space more comfortable.

For example, if you sit in a spot where the sun hits you in the afternoon a lot, and you tell Comfy to 'Cool My Space' regularly, Comfy learns to keep your space cooler in the afternoon. Or, suppose a conference room is empty most of the week, except for a couple of stuffy meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00am. Comfy will cool the room for the meetings and not waste energy conditioning an empty room the rest of the week.

Does Comfy work in open office layouts?

Many of our clients have open office layouts. In some places, hundreds of people's desks are in one zone. We can activate Buddy Mode, which requires at least two people in the same zone to make the same request before Comfy triggers a response. In conference rooms and private offices, we still only require one person to make a request for an immediate response to kick in.

Does Comfy increase energy usage?

Exactly the opposite. Comfy offices often experience 15-25% energy savings. A 2016 U.S. Green Building Ground study on Comfy actually projected energy savings of 20% in cooling and 47% heating for most of the federal government real estate portfolio. Check out the case study for more details.

Why hasn't someone done this before?

Comfy is actually really complicated under the hood. Before the company was established in 2013, our founders spent over 7 years developing Comfy while completing their PhDs at UC Berkeley.

More established companies that have the required technical expertise in building controls for an undertaking of this sort operate almost exclusively in proprietary hardware and tools for building engineers. We are the first company to combine a deep understanding of building mechanics, computer science, and human needs to create an ongoing occupant-facing software solution.

Does Comfy work in residential buildings?

Comfy is designed for commercial office spaces. We recognize that there's already lots of opportunities for people to use smart technology for personalized comfort in their homes. We're focused on bringing that accessibility to their workplaces, too. After all, we spend more than half of our waking hours at work!

If you have additional questions or are interested in getting Comfy in your office, contact us at [email protected].